Sunday, October 9, 2011


I spent most of September far from a computer, hence the lack of blog posts. I'm finally home and going through all the photos. Here is a brief synopses of the month.

Over Labor day weekend I headed into the Wind Rivers with Mark Jenkins to search for new climbs that we could complete before a new edition of the guidebook goes to press this winter. It was a smashing success. We established two new spectacular alpine rock routes on these beautiful alpine walls in Titcomb basin.

West Face of Fremont Peak.


I'm still going through the photos from this trip and it was quite an adventure. There will be a detailed account of it soon.

Sunset during the drive to the Winds

After climbing in the Wind Rivers I was back to work and then on a plane to Arizona for my annual trip down the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places and I feel priviliged to still work as a river guide in such a place. I was pretty busy during the trip; guiding the kayakers through all the rapids (it was a kayaking trip), cooking, washing dishes, filtering water, tying up or untying the motor support boats, setting up or breaking down camp, pulling food, or telling stories and reading poems to our passengers. But I did manage to get a few shots. Here they are.

Marble Canyon


Kitchen at Nautiloid Canyon. Cooking is what you do as a Grand Canyon River Guide (Chef).

North Canyon

Our Support Boat

More Cooking

Back of the Boat. Crew Meeting.


Evening on the River

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