Thursday, October 20, 2011


I always look forward to the fall. I like the cool temps, the shorter days, and the changing leaves. Fall in Wyoming, like all seasons other than winter, is short lived. The leaves change quickly before the snow. They change brilliant shades of yellow and orange for only a week or two. After flying back from the Grand Canyon I drove up to the Snowy Range for my sister, Anna's wedding. I can't remember the last time I saw fall colors in the Snowies so brilliant.

Anna is my youngest sister. We are very similar. She's adventurous and loves being outside. She laughs easily, and has a captivating smile. After college she worked in southeast Alaska during the summers on a scow buying salmon from commercial fisherman. All to save up enough money to travel through Central and South America during the winters. She loves to hunt and fish, so its fitting that she married her husband, Seth, a commercial Alaskan Salmon fisherman on opening day of hunting season in Wyoming. 


Uncle Tom, Nana, and Mom

The Groom

The Bride

Seth and Anna Stewart

More than any other season fall seems to invite reflection. Maybe its the changing leaves, or the softer light. The morning after the wedding we drove up to an alpine lake and spread my grandparents ashes. The celebration of life and love the day before, coupled with a ceremony of remembrance couldn't have occurred at a more appropriate time. The resplendent leaves, in that ephemeral moment, illustrated the transience and beauty of life. We are all inexorably tied to their fate.

Three Generations

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  1. prose as lovely as these fall colors, O. can't believe you've married off another sister! rad photo of your dad. did you get an elk?