Friday, July 25, 2014

High Water Gore

It's been a high water year in Colorado which has been convenient for me because grad school has limited my traveling. Gore Canyon has been high for months and last weekend I was lucky enough to catch the last of the high water with some good friends. Most of the crew is training for the Grand Canyon of the Stikine, which I've dreamed about for years. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for another year but it was great to see the boys running all the big lines and dropping into the big holes to "train." Here's to big water and one of the best big water runs in the state!

 Big Water Requires Concentration, and the Right Expression.

 Shawn Fullmer Throwing a Loop in Gore Rapid

Off Line or Showing Off?

 Tyson Titensor Gets a Faceful in Scissors

 The One and Only Brad Higgenbotham, Scissors

 Rolf Kelly, Filming the Action

 Jason Stingl

 Shawn Fullmer, Gore Rapid

Fullmer, Lost in the Waves

The entrance to Gore Rapid at high water is a fantastic move, and difficult to hit just right. Here is a great sequence of Rolf Kelly nailing it!


 Brad Higgenbotham is one of Kayakings More Colorful Characters. This is a Nice Sequence of Him in Pyrite.

Sometimes the Shadows Make the Shot

I did the Middle Kings last summer with Brad and this year he's headed to the Stikine for his 40th birthday. It was inspiring to see how hard the boys were pushing themselves, hopefully once grad school is over I can make the follow in their footsteps and make the trip north.
Tyson was bored by all the big water moves so he paddled into the middle of Pyrite.


A few weeks ago I ended up in the same hole at higher water. It's a violent place. Tyson fought a lot harder than I did but the result was the same.  

Here's to another snowy winter!