Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gore Canyon

It's been an incredible summer of traveling and adventure for me. Unfortunately I've fallen behind in my documentation of it. Two weeks ago I started grad school which has been a big change. I now spend most of my time sitting in a chair. At least I have plenty of pictures to go through from the summer...

Last weekend I took a study break and made it up to the classic late season run in Colorado - Gore Canyon. It was a reunion of sorts, two old paddling friends from the Northwest joined me, Chris Clark aka "CC" and Steve "Biggs" Tegtmeyer. CC and Biggs live in Denver these days and its nice to have old paddling friends around to share a day on the river with.

 CC runs the "Sneak" in Gore Rapid

I gave Biggs my camera after his run through Gore Rapid and he got some of the best shots of the day.

 Yours Truly Finding that Golden Stroke

 CC Digging

 Biggs Landing

CC Planting the Golden Stroke

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