Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Box

The Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone is cemented among my favorite wilderness paddling trips in the lower 48. The scenery, commitment, and history combine to produce a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

For a more comprehensive writeup of the Clarks Fork check out the inaugural County 5 post from last summer here. Life has caught up with me lately so this will be more of a photo essay.

This years cast of characters...

 Back by Popular Demand. Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Xavier Engle.

The One and Only, Mr. Rolf Kelly.

Since the majority of the crew were working folks and hence constrained by a working schedule, there wasn't time to wait when the gauge proved persistently resistant to decreasing. The online gauge is notoriously inaccurate and we were told of a stick gauge at the start of the run which was much more dependable. We were instructed that the upper limit was 26. Arriving at said bridge we found the gauge reading a steady 26.5. Ignoring grade school math we naturally rounded down instead of up and paddled downstream.

 Rolf Getting in the Swing of Things in the Honeymoon Section

 This is Also the Swing of Things On the Clarks Fork

 Evening in "The Box"

 Camp I

 Portage Just Upstream of Camp I. Ankle Breaker.

Xavier Finishing Double Suck

 "The Box" Living Up to Its Name

A sequence of Rolf and Xavier finishing a high water "Balls to the Wall."

 Making a Rare Appearance In Front of the Lens, Mr. Oliver Deshler, Snolieguster. Shot by R Kelly.

I Gotta Put This Filthy Thing Back On? Ugh.

 R Kelly

 Xavier Displacing Water

 Xavier Contemplating A High Water Dilworth

 Ready For Prime Time. R Kelly, Calendar Falls.

Xavier Water Bottle Fishing Below Calendar Falls

 Camp II. Just Below Calendar Falls.

 Roasting Trout

Showing Off the Biggest Fish of the Trip. Proudly Caught On a Fly and By the One and Only "Trout Slayer" Deshler.



 Sunset. Night II.

 Sunrise. Day III.

 Scouting a High Water Deliberation Corner

 Xavier, Lower Deliberation Corner

 Xavier, Buried


R Kelly Paddles Over the Lip of "Leap Of Faith"

Taking It All In Below "Leap of Faith"

 Sunlight Creek Confluence

 Sunlight Creek

 The Boys

 Xavier, the Wall.

 Exiting the Canyon

Driving Home...

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