Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Robe Canyon on the South Fork of the Stillaguamish is Seattle's Little White Salmon. Although it's completely different. The water is grey and the canyon walls are dark. The whitewater is big and powerful. All rivers in the Northwest change frequently and Robe is no exception. About 7 or 8 years ago the canyon went through some major changes, for the better. It has since become "the" run near Seattle, and the site of a yearly downriver race.

Will, Jason, and I drove north after running the Little White and met up with Andrew McEwan for an amazing sunny afternoon on Robe. It was a little on the high side (6.1) which made for one of the best days on Robe I've had in quite some time. The sun was out and the pictures would have been magnificent, unfortunately Andrew had to get to work and we were a bit rushed.

I did manage to shoot these of the last rapid, a long rapid with exploding waves that is among the best in Washington. 

 Andrew McEwan Leading the Pack into Conversation

 Will Rawstron and Jason Stingl. Conversation.

Granite Falls is just downstream of the takeout. Although this monster has been run it's usually just a place to hang out after paddling. The sun was out and I had my camera...

Who Says the Sun Doesn't Shine In Washington?

We paddled Robe again the next day but due to some unfortunate circumstances had a late start and once again, limited time. These are the few I managed to shoot.

 Will and Jason at the Put In

 Scouting Hole in the Wall

 Hole in the Wall, (the hole in the wall is on the left side of the photo)

 Jason Stingl. Hole in the Wall.

 Scouting FacePlant


Here is a nice sequence of Will running FacePlant...

 Jason at the End of the Portage Around Landslide

 Will Just Above Garbage and the Robe Gnome.

 The Robe Gnome Sees All

Paddle Out

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