Monday, March 26, 2012

Canadian Rockies: Ice

At the end of February I traveled north for a backcountry hut trip in Canada. After such a warm and dry winter in the southern Rockies it was nice to find that winter was still occurring in other parts of the world. Before we embarked on the hut trip Aaron Mainer, Max Bunce, and I met up for a couple days of ice climbing. 

Aaron Mainer

Max Bunce

The first day we headed to Louise Falls which is right next to Lake Louise. It was a cold day with a vicious wind but we still managed to climb a fair amount. Below are some shots.

Lake Louise Ice

Lake Louise Lodge

Aaron Leading the Last Pitch

Aaron at the Top

The next day we headed to the small town of Field, British Columbia. Just outside of town we tackled this route, Carlsberg Column.

Aaron at the Base

Max Leading the First Pitch

The Column

Max at the Top of the First Pitch

Aaron Leading the Column

 Looking Down the Second Pitch

 Aaron at the Top of the Second Pitch


 Yours truly Starting the Final Pitch

Fighting the Pump

After climbing we headed to Golden, British Columbia to meet the rest of our group for our hut trip. More on that soon.

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  1. pretty rock. i think i see some snowshoers in the distance...